Монложистикс групп нь өдгөө 1 толгой компани, 6 охин компани, 200 орчим ажилтан, 163 орны 800 гаруй түнш, дотоодын 1500 гаруй үйлчлүүлэгчтэй салбартаа тэргүүлэх зэрэглэлээр ажиллаж байна.

About company

Since 2005, Monlogistics Group has established itself as a prominent player in the field of transportation logistics. With a solid foundation of experience, we currently operate with 1 parent company and 8 subsidiaries. Our dedicated team comprises approximately 200 employees who are committed to delivering exceptional services. 

We have forged strong partnerships, boasting a network of over 800 trusted collaborators from 163 countries. This extensive global reach enables us to provide comprehensive logistics solutions across international borders. Additionally, we serve a wide customer base of over 1,500 domestic clients, catering to their diverse transportation needs.

Through our extensive network, dedicated team, and longstanding presence in the industry, Monlogistics Group is positioned to continue providing reliable and innovative transportation logistics services.

The scope of action for Monlogistics Group :

  • Policy and Standards: We establish policies and standards that guide the operations of the Group, ensuring consistency, compliance, and long-term sustainability across all subsidiaries.

  • Strategic Policy: We define the strategic policy of the Group, setting the direction and goals for growth, expansion, and market positioning.

  • Governance and Management: We implement effective group governance and management practices to ensure efficient decision-making, risk management, and operational excellence.

  • Human Resources Development: We provide qualified personnel to our subsidiary companies, emphasizing continuous development, training, and skill enhancement to foster a high-performing workforce.

  • Brand Value Enhancement: We focus on enhancing the Group’s brand value by consistently delivering high-quality services, maintaining customer satisfaction, and building a positive reputation in the transportation industry.

  • Business Opportunities: We actively research and explore new business opportunities, identifying potential areas for growth, diversification, and strategic partnerships.

  • New Business Projects: We undertake the implementation and development of new business projects, leveraging our industry expertise, resources, and market knowledge to drive innovation and expand our portfolio.

Mission statement

A national brand that aspires to the world

ML Vision 2030

We are committed to introducing comprehensive logistics services that leverage modern infrastructure and deliver exceptional service quality. Our goal is to position Mongolia as a prominent logistics center, bridging the gap between Asia and Europe.

Хамтран ажиллах хүсэлт илгээх

Hamtran ajillah