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Monlogistics Group is a prominent organization with a remarkable 17-year track record of delivering comprehensive services in the transportation industry. Our expertise encompasses import, export, transit, cargo handling, and road transportation

Our Partners


Since 2005, Monlogistics Group has established itself as a prominent player in the field of transportation logistics. With a solid foundation of experience, we currently operate with 1 parent company and 8 subsidiaries. Our dedicated team comprises approximately 200 employees who are committed to delivering exceptional services.

Branch companies

Today marks an exciting phase of expansion for Monlogistics Group as we introduce 8 subsidiaries that encompass every facet of the transportation industry in Mongolia. Our objective is to bring international standards and best practices to the transportation sector in Mongolia, raising the bar for quality and service excellence.

As the longest-standing company within the Monlogistics Group, Monlogistics Worldwide LLC brings 17 years of expertise in offering comprehensive international transport and logistics services

Monlogistics Transit LLC specializes in facilitating transportation through Mongolia in collaboration with our esteemed international customer partners

Monlogistics Trucking LLC specializes in providing fast and reliable door-to-door international road transport services. We cater to customers and clients who require transportation from various Russian cities, all cities in China, and European countries. With our expertise in logistics and adherence to TIR Carnet conditions, we ensure secure and efficient transport of goods

Cheepah, previously known as Monlogistics Cargo LLC, is a rebranded entity that offers a convenient solution for ordering goods from major international trading platforms. Through Cheepah.mn, customers can access a streamlined channel that eliminates the need for additional steps or costs when ordering goods

Monlogistics Trans Service LLC is a branch company located abroad, specializing in the successful organization of transportation activities within the Russian Federation.

Kaus Australis LLC is a specialized company that focuses on organizing the export transportation of mining products

Monlogistics Express LLC specializes in international shipping services, facilitated through our network of agents located worldwide

Monlogistics Equipment LLC is dedicated to the leasing and transportation of railway rolling stock.


Years of experience







Facilitating collaboration and coordination among subsidiary companies while fostering industry-wide growth and connectivity in the transport and logistics sector.

Human Resources Management

Ensuring consistent implementation of human resource policies and standards throughout the group, while securing skilled and capable personnel.

Financial Management

Ensuring the accuracy and transparency of subsidiary financial statements in compliance with international standards, enhancing the internal control system, and mitigating risks.

Strategic Marketing

Anticipating market dynamics, enhancing products and services, fostering innovation, and delivering industry-leading marketing services to subsidiary companies.

IT Strategy

Aligning with the strategic plans of subsidiary companies, leveraging technological advancements to support operations and foster growth, ensuring ongoing security, and enhancing productivity.

Strategic Planning and Business Growth

Launching innovative business initiatives in the transport logistics sector and proactively executing investment activities to drive growth

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