Talent management

Human capital strategy

  • Recruitment of highly skilled professionals for the Group company
  • Implementation of a competitive compensation policy based on thorough research
  • Fostering a leadership culture that empowers and inspires others
  • Ensuring a positive and happy work environment for the team

Statistical performance of Monlogistics Group:

Annual investment of over 100 million tugriks in training and development programs.

Sending three employees for international training opportunities every year.

Providing career advancement opportunities for 10-20% of employees annually.

70% of the total workforce consists of the Generation Z generation.

Holds a 4% share in the transportation market.

Contribution of over 150 million tugriks towards community activities.

Implementation of a flexible working schedule with a two-hour time system.


Comfortable working environment

A comfortable work environment and friendly colleagues make time at work more enjoyable and productive.


Discount and supplies

We provide discounts and supplies for regular check-ups, ensuring that you and your loved ones can lead a long, healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

Selection stage:

Questionnaire Selection

Stage 1:

We evaluate the submitted applications through a scoring system. Only those who meet the criteria will be notified for the next round.

Knowledge Test

Stage 2:

Applicants who pass the questionnaire will be required to take a problem-solving ability test, an English language proficiency test, and a specific professional test related to the job. The test results will be provided within 3-5 days.


Stage 3:

An authorized Group interviewer will conduct the interview. In some cases, additional interviews with higher-level management may be conducted for further assessment and clarification.

Decision Making

Stage 4:

Once the selection process is complete, the company will make a collective decision. The Human Resources Unit will inform the applicants of the final decision within 5 days. Successful candidates will receive a written job offer.

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